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Machine Design Group - Reggio Emilia

The Reggio Emilia Machine Design Group (MDG) is a research unit established in 2000 within the Department of Engineering Sciences and Methods (DISMI) of the University of Modena and Reggio Emilia (Reggio Emilia site).

The research group comprises Prof. Eugenio Dragoni (Founder and Coordinator), Prof. Davide Castagnetti (Principal Investigator with laboratory responsibilities for the Franco Lombardini Lab)and Prof. Andrea Spaggiari (Principal Investigator with laboratoryresponsibilities for the Smart Materials and Structures Lab). Moreover, MDG involves several undergraduate students, PhD students and postdoc researchers sharing competences in the fields of mechanical, industrial and mechatronic engineering.

Franco Lombardini and Smart Materials and Structures Labare well equipped laboratories with advanced experimental and computational facilities for material testing, stress analysis and dynamics of systems and structures.

The focus of the research is on the design, the analysis, the optimization and the development of intelligent machines with specific regard to structural mechanics, dynamical response and mechatronic integration.

Key areas of investigation are the following:

  • - product design and development
  • - computer aided engineering
  • - advanced and smart materials
  • - prototyping and testing

The activity of the group is funded by research grants earned from local and national governmental bodies and by research contracts signed with national and international companies.