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The experimental facilities are collected in two separated laboratories, both under the supervision of Prof. E. Dragoni:

  • Franco Lombardini Lab, Principal Investigator Prof. D. Castagnetti
  • Smart Materials and Structures Lab, Principal Investigator Dr. Andrea Spaggiari

The Franco Lombardini Lab is located in the main Campus S. Lazzaro, deals with the simulation and dynamic characterization of machines, with emphasis on mechatronics. The aim of the laboratory is to accelerate the development process of machines and complex dynamic systems, anticipating the real working conditions of the product with computational and experimental simulations.

The Smart Materials and Structures Lab is located in the Tecnopolo of Reggio Emilia, focuses on the design and characterization of mechatronic materials and smart structures, viscoelastic materials, auxetic metamaterials and energy harvesting systems, for a rapid integration of these promising technologies in industrial products.

Franco Lombardini Lab

The Franco Lombardini Lab contains the heavy equipment for material testing (MTS biaxial servo-hydraulic machine, Galdabini tensometer and Dantec Q-400 Digital Image Correlation System) deputed to study the strength of materials under several conditions of loading and temperature. A recent acquisition, a climatic chamber used as extension of MTS machine with up to date controller, opens new possibilities in term of mechanical test under harsh thermal conditions (+350°C / -150°C), which is crucial especially for polymeric materials and structural adhesives.


Smart Materials and Structures Lab

The Smart Materials and Structures Lab aims at studying the mechatronics or smart materials, in particular  the shape memory alloys (SMA) and the magnetorheological (MR) fluids and elastomers. The SMA changes their shape with the temperature, the MR fluids change their viscosity with the magnetic field and both of them are easily controllable with an electronic board. The Smart Materials and Structures Lab is devoted to the study of these materials as actuators, semi active controllable system for automotive and industrial applications.